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‘Too Posh to Push’ or is it Just Human Evolution?

The BBC has published an article recently with regards to the increasing trend in caesarean sections following research that has taken place in Austria. This research is concerned with the size of the baby and the mother’s hips rather than other medical factors that may necessitate caesarean section.

The NHS states on its website that caesareans account for 1 in every 5 births in the UK- this is not just down to hip size but also other health reasons and maternal wishes.

Scientists in this recent study have estimated that the number of cases where the baby cannot fit down the birth canal have increased to 36 in every 1000 births since the 1960’s.

It has been concluded that this is due to the advances in medical science as in years gone by both mother and baby would have died in labour, whereas today medical professionals can carry out the surgery to save both mother and baby.

And the cause of this increase? Smaller pelvis sizes which are genetically passed from mother to baby.

Caesareans are likely to increase further in the future as genetics are passed from mother to daughter and more children are born. Scientists believe that the narrow pelvis was effectively a form of natural selection which medical science has been able to overcome and ensure that more mothers and babies can survive birth than would have in the past.

Whilst medical science is incredible in saving the lives of the mothers and babies in these cases and indeed other pregnancies where caesarean is needed, sadly there are still occasions where the decision to carry out a caesarean is not taken soon enough or there are complications during the birth that lead to harm to the mother or the baby. The procedure itself comes with significant risks including, infection, blood clots, excessive bleeding, damage to nearby organs or injury to the baby when the womb is opened.

At Hudgell Solicitors we represent a wide range of clients in respect of birth injury cases, both to mother and baby and if you have any concerns that the treatment during the birth of your child either to the mother or child we would be happy to discuss a potential case with you on a no win no fee basis.

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