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Alexandra Eldon

Trainee Solicitor, Civil Liberties

Unlawful Detention Wrongful Arrest Data Protection Breach Police Assault Claims False Imprisonment Inquests


Alexandra represents clients in cases relating to wrongful arrest, unlawful detention, police assault, false imprisonment, breaches of Data Protection laws, and inquests. Before taking on her own cases Alexandra handled all civil liberties enquires coming into the firm for two years, work which gave her experience of dealing with the vast array of case and situations the department handles. Now a trainee solicitor, she assists senior members of the team on their cases.

My View

I find my job extremely interesting and rewarding and it has been very helpful to come from a position of being the first person to speak to clients when they first turned to us for legal support.

In handling those calls you get a real feel for the frustration, anger and disappointment people feel for the way they have been treated.

You also immediately get an understanding of how important it is to the people we represent, and that they turn to us often as nobody else will help them fight their corner and challenge what happened. I have taken that into my work representing people.

Career, qualifications and memberships

  • LLB Law with Criminology degree

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