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July 2nd 2018

Care Home Abuse

The care and residential homes scoring ‘inadequate’ in all areas of inspection – and what inspectors said

The care and residential homes scoring ‘inadequate’ in all areas of inspection – and what inspectors said

Below is a list of the care and residential homes which are named on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website as being ‘inadequate’ in all key areas following inspection.

Below is a list of the care and residential homes which are named on the Care Quality Commission (CQC) website as being ‘inadequate’ in all key areas following inspection.

Hudgell Solicitors reviewed the inspections as part of our ongoing ‘Give Me Dignity’ campaign to challenge poor and neglectful care of the elderly and vulnerable.

 Lyme Green Care Home, London Road, Macclesfield

What the inspectors said (report published June 5, 2018)

  • Care was not being provided in a safe way.
  • Managers and staff failed to protect people from the risk of abuse. Incidents of residents being physically assaulted by other residents not reported to local authority
  • Residents left at risk of not receiving effective first aid in the event of an emergency
  • Managers were not always aware of incidents of abuse and on some occasions when made aware failed to operate effective adult safeguarding procedures.

 Woolton Manor Care Home, Allerton Road, Liverpool

What the inspectors said (report May 1 2018)

  • Records showed people went significant periods of time (up to seven weeks) without a bath or shower and for the most part only received ‘strip washes’ or ‘bed baths.
  • Resident at risk of choking and needed a soft diet, yet care plan advised a normal diet
  • Staff had not always received an induction into their job role or sufficient training to provide safe and effective care.
  • One person seen to be left waiting over 15 minutes to be taken to the toilet and residents waiting for long periods when they rang their call bell.

 Northgate House, 2 Links Avenue, Hellesdon, Norwich

What the inspectors said (report May 3, 2018)

  • Major shortfalls in the management of people’s medicines. People were not always receiving their medicines as prescribed, including pain relief medicines as well as anti-psychotic medicines.
  • Staff responsible for the administration of medicines had not been regularly competency assessed and where errors had been identified, action not taken to mitigate the risks of harm.
  • Staff started working at the service before appropriate safety checks had been carried out. This left people at risk of receiving care from staff who were not suitable.
  • Care and support plans for people who had little or no verbal communication due their living with dementia. People not protected from the risks of social isolation and supported to live full, active lives with opportunities to engage in meaningful activity.

Meadow View, Meadow Way, Jaywick, Clacton On Sea

What the inspectors said (report June 6, 2018)

  • People not cared for in a clean, hygienic or well-maintained environment.
  • Staff started working at the service before appropriate safety checks had been carried out. This left people at risk of receiving care from staff who were not suitable.
  • Medicines were not always managed effectively to protect residents from the risks of not receiving prescribed medicines.
  • Staff did not always use language which was respectful
  • The provider had not ensured the service was being run in a manner that promoted a caring and person-centred culture.

Hemsworth Park – Wakefield Road, Kinsley, Wakefield

What inspectors said (report March 13, 2018)

  • Medicines not always managed safely – a number of occasions where people were without medicines because re-ordering systems had not been robust.
  • Care of wounds and pressure areas was not always safe or effective
  • Residents had infrequent opportunity to engage in meaningful activities and spent much of their days with little to no stimulus.
  • Staff did not routinely engage in conversation with people, and we observed very poor approach to care and interaction, particularly on the dementia and nursing units.
  • There were a number of times when staff were not respectful or caring in their language and actions.

 Holly Tree Lodge EMI Care Home, Sceptone Grove, Shafton, Barnsley

What inspectors say (report April 27, 2018)

  • Risks to people were not properly assessed or managed well, particularly in relation to nutrition, falls and behaviour which may challenge others
  • People’s care records were not personalised and did not reflect needs or preferences.
  • Not enough detail to guide staff about the care and support people required. People’s nutritional needs were not always met, particularly those people who were low weight or had lost weight.
  • Medicines management was not always safe which meant people were at risk of not receiving their medicines when they needed them
  • Practices which showed a lack of respect for people and compromised their dignity

Highcroft Manor, Moorend Road, Yardley Gobion, Towcester

What the inspectors (September 27, 2017)

  • People could not be assured that they would receive their medicines safely
  • People were not always supported to have sufficient to eat and drink to maintain a balanced diet
  • The service was not caring. Care was mainly task focused and did not take account of people’s individual preferences and did not always respect their dignity
  • Staff did not always support people with kindness and compassion
  • People were at risk of infections as the home was not clean. Rooms, bedding and flooring were visibly dirty.
  • One person had lost 6% of their body weight in the first week there

 Riverside Court – The Croft, Knottingley

What inspectors said (report June 13, 2018)

  • Many residents remained in their rooms all day with little, or no, interaction.
  • Staff appeared unaware of how to support people living with dementia effectively or safely, with minimum restrictions to their liberty.
  • People’s privacy and dignity was not respected or promoted within the home.
  • People’s doors were wide open and no appropriate consent in place, and some staff also spoke openly about people’s conditions while in communal areas.
  • Staff readily admitted to not reading care plans as they did not have time to do so.

 The Oaks Residential Care Home, Aingers Green, Great Bentley, Colchester

What inspectors said (April 13, 2018)

  • People’s medicines were not being managed effectively to protect them from the risks associated with medicines not being given with an adequate time span between doses, as recommended by the manufacturer and prescriber
  • One person required a medicine prescribed to reduce their anxiety on a regular basis but had been without this medicine for three days
  • Insufficient numbers of staff on duty to meet people’s care and support needs.

Clover House – Savile Road, Halifax

What inspectors said (May 22, 2018)

  • Not enough staff to safely meet the needs of people living at the home
  • Residents room alarm systems switched off so didn’t ring when calling for help
  • Residents losing ‘significant amounts of weight’ and ‘scant evidence’ to suggest the problem was being addressed. People did not receive the nutrition and hydration they needed to maintain their health
  • People’s dignity was not respected. Residents bedroom being used to store ‘bags and suitcases’ of videos belonging to the home
  • People with dirty fingernails, some people’s hair had not been brushed properly, one person was wearing torn clothes, others had dried food stains on their clothes and gentlemen did not appear to have been supported to shave

NorthCott House Residential Care Home, Bury Hall Lane, Gosport

What inspectors said (report November 9, 2017)

  • Disorganised meal times leaving people at risk with staff unaware of who was at risk of choking
  • Resident assessed as a risk of choking and needing pureed served a mashed meal and fork
  • Resident assessed as at high risk of skin damage not checked for 13 hours according to records
  • Medication records poorly completed, or not completed at all
  • Emergency call alarms were not responded to promptly.

Abbotsford Nursing Home, 8-10 Carlton Road, Whalley Range, Manchester

What inspectors said (report February 23, 2018)

  • Wound management not effective – resident with pressure ulcers but no records of wound condition, size or deterioration/improvements documented to assess whether care was effective
  • Care and treatment not in line with plans- resident who should have been assisted to reposition every two hours left over four hours between position changes
  • Safe recruitment practices not always been followed.
  • 14 people lost weight over a six month period and seven of these had lost over 5% of their body weight, meaning appropriate steps were not being taken to effectively support their nutrition and hydration needs.
  • Call bells were either not within reach of people or the system disconnected. One resident left feeling ‘trapped’ as isolated on the third floor in their room for three days during inspection

 Laverstock Care Centre, London Road, Salisbury.

What inspectors said (report May 25, 2018)

  • Not enough staff to support people safely or effectively.
  • People did not always have enough to drink.
  • Resident left in wet trousers for more than four hours
  • Measures to minimise risk of sores not effective
  • Home not clean – some armchairs had brown stains and others were sticky to touch.
  • Not all staff had received a range of training that was deemed mandatory by the provider- dementia training not effective to meet the complex needs of some residents

Madeley Manor Care Home, Heighley Castle Way, Madeley, Crewe,

What inspectors said (report June 21, 2018)

  • Medicines not managed safely and people at risk of not receiving prescribed medicines
  • Staff not always trained to provide safe and effective care.
  • Complaints by people and relatives not been responded to or investigated.
  • Unexplained injuries to residents not reported and investigated.
  • People assessed as being at risk of falls not managed safely
  • Calls bells placed out of reach

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