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August 15th 2017

Amanda Stevens

Fisher Meredith Solicitors’ expertise acquired by Hudgell Solicitors

Fisher Meredith Solicitors’ expertise acquired by Hudgell Solicitors

Hudgell Solicitors is delighted to have further expanded its Human Rights Breaches department by appointing a leading civil liberties expert from Fisher Meredith Solicitors London.

Hudgell Solicitors is delighted to have further expanded its Human Rights Breaches department by appointing a leading civil liberties expert from Fisher Meredith Solicitors London.

Andrew Arthur, the Head of Fisher Meredith LLP’s Police Law and Civil Liberties department has joined Hudgell Solicitors to oversee its rapidly growing department in the capital.

Highly experienced in this specialised area of legal work, Mr Arthur’s current caseload covers all areas of police and prison law – including County Court and High Court trials, and Judicial Reviews.

He has extensive expertise in supporting victims of false imprisonment arising from wrongful arrest, malicious prosecution, miscarriages of justice, unlawful stop and searches or assault by police or prison officers. He has also led many cases involving Human Rights Act and Data Protection Act issues, discrimination on grounds of race, gender or other characteristics.

Fisher Meredith Solicitor has proven track record of winning cases leading to new legal guidelines

In his role at Fisher Meredith London, Mr Arthur regularly provided advice on a range of prison law matters – including assaults on inmates, lifer panels, parole hearings, visiting rights, home detention curfew, categorisation and adjudications.

Having developed into a specialist in claims against the Prison Service, brought under the Human Rights Act 1998, he has acted in a number of claims relating to disabled prisoners’ rights.

His notable police law cases include helping secure a client £25,200 damages in the High Court after a jury found that a police officer had fabricated his evidence leading to a wrongful conviction.

The Metropolitan Police Commissioner appealed the decision, but ultimately lost the appeal, with the Court of Appeal finding in his client’s favour. The case established and confirmed important legal principles for all malicious prosecution claims.

He also won another case in the Court of Appeal which highlighted the duty of the Crown Prosecution Service to act quickly upon receipt of new evidence that might exonerate those held in custody on remand.

His notable prison law cases include a case in which he succeeded in the High Court on behalf of his client, where it was found that the decision to handcuff him during medical treatment amounted to inhuman and degrading treatment.

More recently, he helped to secure £45,000 damages from the Metropolitan Police for an autistic man who was bitten by an out-of-control police dog which was not on lead and had been ‘trained to bite’. The victim had been talking to the dog handler when it suddenly attacked without warning.

Having qualified as a solicitor in May 1999 and joined Fisher Meredith in June 2001, Mr Arthur is a member of the Police Action Lawyers Group and the Association of Prison Lawyers and was shortlisted for “Human Rights Lawyer of the Year” award in the Law Society Excellence Awards 2016.

Whilst he is obviously excited at the prospect of joining the Hudgell team, Mr Arthur will still oversee all aspects of the strong civil liberties caseload he built up during his time at Fisher Meredith LLP.

He said: “Fisher Meredith London has been very successful in our work in recent years and recognised across the industry for our expertise. We are bringing a strong caseload and a proven track record to Hudgell Solicitors.

“I am sure this move will be very positive for both Hudgell Solicitors and for myself as we have very similar goals as to how we want to represent people and what we want to achieve.”

Neil Hudgell, managing director of Hudgell Solicitors, believes the deal indicates why his firm is becoming the first choice for those seeking advice relating to police misconduct and breaches of human rights.

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Do you think you’ve been wrongfully arrested or unjustly treated by those in authority?

Taking on a public body like the police or prison service can be complex when it comes to human rights cases. Enlisting the help of our former Fisher Meredith human rights solicitor, Andrew Arthur, will make the whole process easier, so why not get in touch?


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