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West London Mission

Serving homeless and marginalised people since 1887, The West London Mission runs projects to support and empower some of the most vulnerable people in London.

It coordinates the Westminster Night Shelter and Seymour Place and works with ex-military personnel during the transition with supported accommodation. Around 100 street homeless people visit West London Mission every day and this can include ten or more newly homeless people. They come from a wide

Hudgell staff

variety of backgrounds but they all come to the charity in a state of crisis and needing help. They assess them all individually and work out the best way to assist. West London Mission aim is to get them off the streets and back into accommodation as quickly as possible. They help between 20 and 30 people into accommodation every month.

Some of the Hudgell London office staff helped serve breakfast at Seymour Place

West London Mission also run a Registered Care Home which is a sanctuary for 26 men with long-term alcohol dependency. Many of their residents have experience of street homelessness and many have suffered from untreated illnesses and injuries, as well as the long term effects of poor diet and the mental health conditions associated with chronic alcoholism. The Haven provides a stable environment where residents can make positive changes in their health, well-being and personal lives.

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