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Special Stars

Special Stars Foundation aims to improve the quality of live for people with disabilities and their families in Hull and East Yorkshire. The charity provides a diverse calendar of inclusive social activities in which disabled people of all ages and abilities can participate in. It also offers subsidised physiotherapy and a range of support, training and advice services for parent carers

Special Stars supports just over 1,300 families affected by disability in the Hull and East Yorkshire region, operating from our premises on the historic High Street of central Hull

It has its own private therapy room, a training suite, capable of presenting to around 20 delegates and a large informal multi-purpose room with soft furnishing and sensory toys where we run support groups and advice sessions. This building also houses its charity’s offices where it co-ordinates the many in house and external activities we provide.

At the heart of our Communities

Hudgell Solicitors has chosen the charity as one of three it is supporting throughout 2019 through the Neil Hudgell Trust. It has seen an initial £5,000 donation made to help support services, and the firm has already arranged a number of fundraising events at which its staff will raise money directly for the charity, including taking part in an inflatable 5k challenge, and the Hull Marathon.

“That was a wonderful and totally unexpected boost and we were overwhelmed when Hudgell Solicitors contacted us to offer support out of the blue through its community trust,” added Natalie.

“We do have to work so hard for every penny that comes into the charity, and then to make sure each and every penny goes as far as it can. It’s actually very rare for a business to contact us like this, recognising the impact of the work we are doing, and offer to help.

“We are delighted that the firm has also pledged to raise money throughout the year. It is a great gesture and very much appreciated by all of us.”

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