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Hull Homeless Community Project

In October 2017 the Neil Hudgell trust launched “Elephant in the room” campaign, to combat the social inequality of homelessness. As part of that project the Neil Hudgell Trust continues to support a number of charities tackling homelessness including Hull Homeless Community Project.

The Hull Homeless Community Project not only works with people rough sleeping on the streets, but its support extends to all those affected or at risk of homelessness. It works to ensure those at risk of homelessness are supported before they hit crisis point, and says that breaking stereotypes is key to this. Half of the charity’s work involves education and awareness to help people understand all aspects of homelessness, who can be affected and how.

Hull Homeless Community Project believes people should not be allowed to become homeless, and that to properly tackle the issue of homelessness, its root causes need to be addressed. Their campaign #openup aims to highlight these issues and encourage sensible and open conversations about how we can all tackle these.

As part of our ongoing commitment to CSR some of the Hudgell staff volunteered to help decorate a house for a young couple that were homeless. They have recently been re-housed with help from Hull homeless Community Project ahead of the birth of their first child. Other Hudgell staff donated household items while volunteers helped transform their new home.

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